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Lib Mason self portrait

                "Portraiture is the new Selfie." -Bloomberg press.
Lib Mason is an award winning American portraitist. From an early age Mason had a strong fascination for the human face, endlessly sketching the faces of her family and friends. Best known for her capricious portraits that convey an emotional response to the image by the viewer whilst exploring a world that lies within her subject.

Mason's practice is based on the "Flemish Method" of painting, a painstaking and technically skilled technique dating back to the early 15th century. Her version uses meticulous oil glazes applied over a pencil, watercolor, and oil base.

Mason graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (Providence) and embarked on a career as an editorial illustrator. Her diverse work was used in advertising, in editorial publications,and in architectural design. She has been featured in national magazines, such as Rolling Stone, WWW, Time Life, Playboy, To name a few.She received several prestigious awards from the esteemed Boston Society of Illustrators, the American Portrait Society, just to name a couple.She later designed special "Artist Brand" products for many global brands. Creating a multimillion dollar line of collectable storybook figurines sold worldwide for the Holiday market. One of her larger 3D pieces was exhibited in the Denver Art Museum.

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